Garden Gallery Iron Works

Kelly Rae Roberts Gift Book-Dear Mom

For the times when you need more than a card, Garden Gallery Iron Works has just what you need, A Kelly Rae Roberts gift book.  These books are 4 /2" wide by 7" tall with 32 pages of full color art work and inspirational message for your special mom. This book includes a heart gift tag. Dear Mom. I heart your heart because you held hope for me before I was born, because you gave me a name and a beautiful beginning to a life journey, because you taught me that kindness really does matter. And that believing in myself gives those around me.. permission to do the same. You have encouraged me to DREAM BIG.. to reach for POSSIBILITIES...To create, play, dance and sing. I heart your heart because you inspire me to reach and GROW. Because you've taught me so much about LOVE, trust, friendship, and hope. May our spirits be connected ALWAYS..You are my beloved Mom, always connected, always together. Always. Always.

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