Garden Gallery Iron Works

Kelly Rae Roberts Gift Book-Love Wide

For the times when you need more than a card, Garden Gallery Iron Works has just what you need, A Kelly Rae Roberts gift book. These books are 4 /2" wide by 7" tall with 32 pages of full color art work and inspirational messages. This book includes a heart gift tag. On the front of the book it says: Love Wide: A Book of Love. The pages inside the book read: Love wide. May you love big, love real, don't hold back. love truthfully, love courageously, and may you love with your whole heart. May love continue to nurture your soul and inspire you heart. May it awaken your passion to shine brightly. live fearlessly and choose play. May it be the faith we hold in our hearts for the unseen, unknown, the beautiful mysteries. May it be the thing that always connects us. As we reach for tenderness, and forgiveness and togetherness. May it inspire us to unleash our joy and open our hearts to possibility. May it radiate kindness into our lives always. I am grateful for your love and kindness. By shining your light brightly, you gave me permission to do the same. You've also shown me how kindness really does change everything. How small gestures hold so much meaning and connection. Thank you for being a beacon of love, of light. You are a true gift to this world. And from the bottom of my "wider" heart I thank my lucky stars that your are in my life.

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