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Kelly Rae Roberts Blessings Blanket

Kelly Rae Roberts has added a special line to her collection: "True by Kelly Rae Roberts". This collection inspired by none other than True and is geared for babies and kids!
The blessing blanket is super sweet! The polyester fiber makes this 30" x 40" blanket so soft for that sweet baby. The colors are soft and reflect Kelly Rae's art. There is a square the reads: may you always reach and grow toward your dreams and never give up. and Never give up. Another square reads: May you create, dance, play and sing with joy. In the middle square it reads: May you always know how deeply you are LOVED. The squares on the bottom read: May you be inspired to discover possibilities everywhere. and: May you always tryst and follow your kind heart. There is a flower at the bottom that says: True by Kelly Rae Roberts. A hot air balloon, hearts, sailboats, flowers, this blanket is amazing. 
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