Garden Gallery Iron Works

Kelly Rae Roberts 8" x 14" Manifesto Wall Art- Permission Granted

2019 Kelly Rae Roberts introduces this new manifesto size to her line. A great reminder to take care of ourselves. It is a 8" x 14" canvas and is a high quality reproduction of art by Kelly Rae Roberts. Garden Gallery Iron Works has many canvas that will hang nicely with this piece. This one reads: Permission Granted Permission granted to...say no. To cancel plans. To take as long as you need. To change your mind. To stand your sacred ground.  Permission Granted to...Take a nap. To restore and rest. To tune-out so you can tune-in. To drive slow. To live slow. Permission Granted to...Surround yourself with only those who delight your spirit. To wear whatever brings you joy to shine. To play big.  Permission Granted to... Tell your story. To ask for forgiveness. To wander. To take up space. To not know the lyrics. To sing anyway.  and finally Permission Granted to... Choose yourself over the mighty to-do lists. Because you are Gold. and you are worth choosing. Kelly Rae Roberts

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