Garden Gallery Iron Works

Kelly Rae Roberts Gift Book-A Thankful Heart

For the times when you need more than a card, Garden Gallery Iron Works has just what you need, A Kelly Rae Roberts gift book. These books are 4 /2" wide by 7" tall with 32 pages of full color art work and inspirational messages. This book includes a heart gift tag. On the front of the book it says: A Thankful Heart: A Book About Gratitude. The pages inside the book read: Dear World: Thank you for your smallest of moments that bring the greatest of joy. Thank you for the gifts that arrive the second we see, really see, the sacred in the everyday, the grace in the mundane, the joy in the ordinary moments. Thank you too, for all the ways in which our hearts fill with light and possibility, even though challenge and struggle.It all matters and everything shapes us. Thank you for all the lessons on gratitude.How slowing down. being intentional.. mindful and deeply present opens up a whole new way of being in this world with a thankful heart. A thankful heart that remembers to breathe, take it all in, trust.. ask for what is needed. A heart that knows that we are never alone. and understands that our beautiful stories are not only a gift, but they matter. And that we can overcome odds., public ones, private ones. and will be grateful for our meaningful experience.Thank you for showing me that we can keep going. Telling our stories with a heart wide open. I am grateful. Here's to showing up our lives, practicing gratitude and having faith in our outcome. And here's to trusting that we are all a part of something beautiful, something bigger, something deeply, profoundly, astonishingly good.

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