Garden Gallery Iron Works

Kelly Rae Roberts Gift Book-Unleash Your Joy

For the times when you need more than a card, Garden Gallery Iron Works has just what you need, A Kelly Rae Roberts gift book.  These books are 4 /2" wide by 7" tall with 32 pages of full color art work and inspirational messages.  This book includes a butterfly gift tag. On the front of the book it says: Unleash Your Joy: A Book of Celebration. The pages inside the book read: Dear You - Permission granted to unleash your joy! May you embrace your truth, leap fearlessly, let go, and the trust the process. May you practice courage (every single day) breathe in the beauty around you. Say yes to growing healing, play, and abundance.Remember to delight in the small things. Sing out loud, dance in you pajamas. write a love letter (to yourself) and wear red shoes. Give yourself permission to surrender your seriousness. And celebrate everything. Quite the inner critic and come alive. Trust your voice.. honor your gifts.. shine brightly, and celebrate you messy, complicated. and beautiful story. PS: Don't forget to embrace the chaos. keep your heart open. and keep going (imperfection and all)

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