Garden Gallery Iron Works

Kelly Rae Roberts 18" x 24" Wall Art-Kindness Changes Everything Manifesto

2018 Kelly Rae Roberts introduces a new Manifesto-Kindenss changes everything! It is a 18" x 24" canvas and is a high quality reproduction of art by Kelly Rae Roberts. Garden Gallery Iron Works has many canvas that will hang nicely with this piece. Kelly Rae's message is so clear here! Take a minute and read what is on this one: Kindness Changes Everything.  I believe...Kindness changes everything, like in a BREAK YOUR HEART JOYFUL way. I believe... When we EXTEND OUR HEARTS toward those in need, we also heal something important within ourselves. I believ... That hope matters, that we can inspire change by radiating joy, LOVE, and compassion to everyone we encounter. I believe... In HUGS, spontaneous compliments, and smiling at strangers. These small acts matter deeply.  I believe... Celebrating others, ENCOURAGING THEIS SUCCESS, and lifting themup along the way is essential to our collective wellbeing.  I believe... Living a life of gratitude is one of the kindess gifts we can give the world.  I believe... in Listening to the wise voice of my heart and doing the right thing-even when it's scary.  I believe... We are all connected and kindness is the voice that softly says, "I SEE YOU. I HONOR YOU. and YOU ARE NOT ALONE." 

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