Garden Gallery Iron Works

Kelly Rae Roberts 18" x 24" Wall Art-Nurture your Soul Manifesto

Kelly Rae Roberts is adding a new large manifesto for 2020. A great reminder to take care of ourselves and nurture our soul. It is a 18" x 24" canvas and is a high quality reproduction of art by Kelly Rae Roberts. Garden Gallery Iron Works has many canvas that will hang nicely with this piece. This one reads: May you take time to silence the noise, tune into your heart whispers, & listen to their wisdom. May you honor the divinity & gift of your body, caring for it with kindness & compassion. May you devote time & energy to your soul's work of forgiveness, gratitude, healing, self-kindness. May you learn to love & own your messy, complicated, beautiful story. May you surrender all that no longer serves you and embrace more loving choices. And finally may you breathe in the beauty & joy of your days with a sense of awaking & aweKelly Rae Roberts

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