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Kelly Rae Roberts Inspiration Set- Dear You

Kelly Rae Roberts has designed this Inspiration set for 2017. This Dear You set comes in a gift box and has a wood stand that is 4" long and 1 1/2" tall. On the stand is a separate wood piece that says: Dear youIt has 6 artful sentiment cards that are 4" x 6" and are sure to inspire.  Card 1: You can trust the call of your heart. Love, Possibility; Card 2: Embrace the imperfections, the chaos, the holy mess of your beautiful life; Card 3: You are a part of something beautiful something bigger, something profoundly astonishingly good love, the Stars; Card 4: What is calling you? (follow the whispers); Card 5: permission granted to dream bigger and let your spirit soar.; Card 6: you have what it takes. Sincerely, Courage (your heart knew it all along)

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