Garden Gallery Iron Works

Kelly Rae Roberts Inspiration Set- Mom

Kelly Rae Roberts has designed this Inspiration set for 2017. This mom set comes in a gift box and has a wood stand that is 4" long and 1 1/2" tall. On the stand is a separate wood piece that says: Mom with an additional wood piece with a Heart on it. It has 6 artful sentiment cards that are 4" x 6" and are sure to inspire.  Card 1: I am endlessly grateful for your love, and generosity; Card 2: My heart simply adores your heart; Card 3: You are a gift not only to me but to this world; Card 4: I count my lucky stars for you. Every single day.; Card 5: You inspire me to reach and grow and become my best self thank you.; Card 6: Side by side heart to heart we will always be connected in our traveling journeys.

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