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Kelly Rae Roberts Manifesto Magnet Gift Book-Kindness

Kelly Rae Roberts has added a new style of gift books for 2018! They are her manifesto line and they include a cute magnet that is 2" wide by 5" long. The magnet is in a sleeve just inside the book. The Magnet says: Kindness Changes Everything. I believe living a life of graditude is one of the kindest gifts we can give the world. I believe we are all connected and Kindess is the voice thay softly says " I see you and I honor you and you are not alone". The book is 4 1/2" wide by 7" deep. The Kindness Manifesto book pages say: On the front cover: I Heart your Heart I count my lucky stars for you. Manifesto book by Kelly Rae Roberts. Inside to book the pages say: Kindness Changes Everything. Live a life of compassion and graditude. Maifesto book by Kelly Rae Roberts. I believe kindness changes everything, like in a break your heart joyful way. I believe when we extend our hearts toward thoose in need, we also heal something important within ourselves. I believe that hope matters, that we can inspire change by radiating Joy, Love and compassion to everyone we encounter. I believe in hugs, spontneous compiments, and smiling at strangers. These small acts matter deeply. I believe celevrating others, encouraging their success, and lifting them up along the way is essential to our collective well-being. I believe living a life of gratitude is one of the kindest gifts, we can give to the world. I believe.. in listening to the wise voice of my heart and doing the right thing even when it's scary. I believe we are all connected and kindness is the voice that softly says, "I see you, I honor you and you are not alone. On the back of the book it says: Kelly Rae Roberts let art out, Let love in.  

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